PORTHLEVEN MUSEUM  aims  to  capture  the  past  and record  the present  to create  a  perpetual record  of  our  community’s  journey  through time. 

ONLINE MUSEUM:  Thousands of  images have already been loaned to the Porthleven Online Museum. 

Once  personal  historic  images  were  only  seen by   a  limited  audience  but thanks  to  the  generosity  of  both local  people  and  those  who  no  longer live  in  Porthleven,  these images  and associated  information  are  now available  for  all to appreciate the rich history of Porthleven.

Please contact us if you have something to share.

PHYSICAL EXHIBITION:  A large selection of Images  are on  view  at  Out  of  the Blue,  Mill  Lane. This exhibition is sponsored and hosted by OTTB’s owner, Simon  Stone

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